Local Charity Happy to Go to the Dogs

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Not everything that ends up in the floor room of the Servants of the Poor, makes the cut but that doesn't mean they can't find a good home for the used items.

"No matter what they give we find a way to use it," said Kay Dawson, Director of Servants of the Poor, "What we can't hang out for people to take, We give to the animals."

As they sort donations volunteers remove all buttons on any: outdated, stained, soiled or torn items, than they hand them off to Jim Bates who runs a local shelter. Bates than gives other local shelters, a portion of the old clothes to use as bedding.

"Just being old or out of style, that doesn't matter the animals don't complain at all," said Bates.

At Raven's New Found Friends, in Odessa, the bedding makes rescued dogs more comfortable while they wait for a good home.

"We just give them to the dogs, because its cold, it's real cold out there," said Dawson.

Bates also collects old linens from Medical Center Hospital.

"There are so many people that give to us that they think that what they give to us, isn't good enough, but no matter what they give we do find a way to use it," said Dawson who encourages any donations.