Salvation Army Closely Inspects Toys

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

The toys are coming in by the truckloads, but that's nothing new this time of year.

It's the busy season for volunteers, but this year it's not just stacking and sorting them as usual.

Major Lori Barnhouse has her hands full literally.  

The Mattel company has been working closely with the Salvation Army, and even issued them a safety check list so there won't be any toys with lead going home with any children.

"We had some toys left over from last year so we sorted through those toys to make sure we didn't have any on the recall list, and when the new toys came in, we started sorthing them, and we checked to make sure they're not on the list," Major Barnhouse said.

Many of these toys come from China and there's been an alarming amount of toy recalls, because of safety concerns.

"It's made the process a little more difficult, in that we're checking every toy to make sure it's not on the list, and ensure the safety of the children, and that's our primary goal is the kids,"  Barnhouse added.

So far, Barnhouse says they've been extremely lucky.  She says they haven't found one toy on the recall list, which of course means more toys to give away this year.

The bad news is, this extra work isn't just for Christmas.  The Salvation Army will have to make this recall checklist a new chore year round.