Watch your Step Pedestrians

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Midland- Police are asking students to use their heads after an a student was hit by a car Tuesday afternoon.

"No it's not safe," said 11th grader Robert Kempf, "I am not going to lie, I've done it before, but I looked before I did it, but most of these kids I've seen not looking."

Chief David Colburn says it's something that happens everywhere but students need to use common sense when crossing or driving near the campus.

It only takes one event to really stick out in everyone's mind so we are really trying to be as proactive as we can to get these students and staff to cross at designated areas, because drivers aren't always aware they're on cell phones and sometimes it ends up in a tragic situation," said Chief Colburn who says the school sent out messages reminding students to obey all traffic laws.

District police say most kids obey the laws but if they don't, and an officer sees it, they could be subject to a ticket.

"The tickets for the pedestrians are few and far between, but we do issue quite a few citations for speeding and those types of things," Chief Colburn said, but adds if a student is caught dodging or blocking traffic they will get a ticket.

Students we spoke with say many students completely disregard the crosswalks.

"A lot of people just use the street, they don't even use the crosswalk that much," said Kempf.

Chief Colburn also wants students to stop using cell phones in a school zone, because they may become distracted and hit another student.