Nine year old donates her Birthday presents to the NewsWest 9 Toy Drive

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Local Civic Groups and area businesses donate toys every year for our Annual Toy Drive, but perhaps one of the most generous donors we've seen this year showed up on Tuesday at NewsWest Nine to offer what she could.

Nine year old Seneca Mick of Odessa attends Milam Elementary.

Seneca recently had a birthday, and thought it would be a great idea to donate her own birthday gifts to less fortunate children.

She was familiar with our christmas toy drive, and decided to drop off a few bags filled with more than a dozen toys.

Seneca says she just likes to make people happy.

"The kids whose parents probably couldn't get them any toys or wouldn't have a good holiday.  I just felt really bad for that," Seneca said.

"So you wanted to give them your Birthday presents?" NewsWest 9 asked.

"Yes, I did," Seneca said, "I just thought if I could give some toys it would make everybody else happy, and so it will make everybody happy, and I like everybody to be happy."

Seneca is also challenging other boys and girls in the area to donate what they can this Christmas.

If you want to help out, don't forget the toys go out on Thursday (12-13) morning.