New Plan to Improve School Safety in Texas

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Preparation, Prevention, Practice. That's the message behind a new plan to keep your children safe at school. It's all about finding ways to keep school violence down. NewsWest 9 learned about the new initiative for Texas, and what it means for our schools.

"Hopefully there will not be as many school shooting situations as there may be campus fights, but the reality is if a school shooting does occur, the devastation would be much greater, and we can't be dealing with the aftermath of a school shooting. Our goal is to prevent school shootings," said Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas.

Abbott Tuesday made it pretty clear: School Safety is number one. And his new initiative, unveiled at Midland High School, is all about making sure schools prevent deadly shootings by making it easier for communication between teens and adults.

"Especially among high school students, there's some reluctance, to maybe tattle or rat out on someone else," explained Abbott.

But he said his plan is geared towards teens. With a new website discussing all kinds of issues aimed at high school students, and by making school districts create a "Campus Crime Stoppers."

"It provides an anonymous way for students to report crime, threats of crime, and they always lead to a safer school environment for the students," said Abbott.

And MISD Superintendent Sylvester Perez agrees.

"Because really, it is a cultural thing where students that perhaps in the past have been reluctant to share information with adults, we need to remove that fear from the equation," explained Dr. Perez.

And while the Attorney General's plan is especially focused on preventing shootings, with a DVD and making schools practice their emergency plans more often, he said this kind of initiative can help with any kind of a school conflict.

Doctor Perez also believes this initiative will help Midland schools. He said emergency plans are already in place, but hopefully, he said, they can work even closer not only with police, but with the Midland Sheriff's Department too.