Reeves County Woman Seeking Justice

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

It's all a question of ethics for one woman in Reeves County, and Monday, she spoke out about why she thinks she was fired for doing the right thing.

"You're there trying to do things right, but you don't have the support of the juvenile board, you don't have support of the judges, to make sure that things are being done properly," said Louise Moore, from Pecos.

There are still many questions for Moore. For over 24 years, she worked as the Chief Probation Officer for Reeves County Juvenile Probation Department. But, according to her, all that changed after she started seeing problems in the system.

"Just in the past few years there were some things that were being done improperly. For instance, one of the judges was having kids do personal services for him at his residence, and that is against the code of ethics," explained Moore.

But she said it wasn't just Judge Walter Holcombe involved.

"The same probation officer that had been taking the kids over to the judge's house, I had been having some disciplinary problems with this officer. Not providing supervision to the kids, when kids replaced in out of home replacement facilities, this officer would not go and check on them like we were supposed to," added Moore.

And for years, Moore said she avoided real confrontation about how the juveniles were used. After she did finally speak up, the juvenile board made it final.

"They voted to terminate me. At that time, I asked them, why I was being terminated, all my evaluations were good, I never had any problems at all in my whole 24 years with the department, and they refused to tell me why I was being terminated," explained Moore.

And while she was fired in October of last year, she said county judges have still not given her a reason why she was fired. She has filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and with the Texas Judicial Review Board.

"And my whole concern of course is the safety of the kids, that are entered into the system, and the victims of the crimes that occur. So I'm just hoping that it can all be resolved in a way that is in the best interest of the community," said Moore.

NewsWest 9 tried to talk to Judge Holcombe Monday about Moore's termination, but he could not be reached. Moore said the juvenile board told her that she was an At-Will Employee, and technically they don't have to provide a reason for her being fired. However, she said after more than 24 years of work, she believes she deserves a formal reason and an explanation.