Investigation continues into fatal shootings in Colorado

by Leanne Gregg
NBC News

Colorado police are investigating two fatal shooting attacks targeting religious facilities.

Authorities say it's likely the two deadly shootings are connected.

A total of five people are dead, including the gunman.

Early Sunday morning a man walked into a missionary training center in Arvada and shot four people after being told he couldn't spend the night.

Two of the victims, 26-year-old Tiffany Johnson, and 24-year-old Philip Crouse have died.

Roughly 12 hours later, a gunman opened fire on people coming out of a morning service at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

"I saw a man with a rifle wearing a big back pack.  The rifle was open like he was looking into the barrel to check for something then he disappeared from view," said witness David Harris.

Two parishioners, teenage sisters, died in this second attack.

The gunman was eventually shot and killed by a volunteer security guard.

The same missionary training program in arvada has a small office at the Colorado Springs church.

Because of that, officials at the New Life Church had been warned to increase security, which paid off.

As two communities grieve, investigators are still not clear about a motive for either of the shootings.