Kids Fly High

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Midland Co.- A group of pilots from the Experimental Aircraft Association helped by dropping off toys for the Newswest Nine Salvation Army Toy Drive. Then they took kids up and into the air, many for the first time.

"It was amazing. It was crazy," said 15 year-old, Aaron Perales.

Perales got to fly thanks to the Young Eagles Program, a branch off a local program that given 3 million kids a trip in the skies.

"We go up and show them a little of what the plane can do, and maybe fly them over their house and things like that just to get the excitement built up so they can start flying in the future hopefully," said Local Chapter President Steve Clinton.

The aircraft, the fuel, the time are all donated to give kids the chance to see what's possible

"Anytime you get involved with kids you always get passionate about it," said Clinton, who wants to see kids close enough to planes to fall in love with aviation.

"It's something you can enjoy, and you can come out to a community airport like this one and actually touch the planes, and not stand behind a fence," said Clinton.