Rumors Flare Fears of School Threat

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

DENVER CITY- "The coffee shop rumor mill. The street corner rumor mill. It just exploded," said Yoakum County Sheriff Don Corzine, who spent all Friday fielding calls from worried parents, media, and residents who all heard the same rumor.

"Most of the kids were saying there was a note and there were certain people on it, that they were supposed to shoot, and the first thing you think is, am I on that list?" said Freshman Kaylen Bolton, who text messaged her mother, on her cell phone asking her to take her out of class.

"There wasn't any substance to it," said Sheriff Corzine, "We took all the precautions, and run down all the leads that we could. We can't substantiate anything."

Sheriff Corzine says even though it was all talk, they took it very seriously, and believe they are close to find the person or persons responsible for starting it all. He doesn't believe any criminal charges will be filed.

Some parents took the rumor so seriously they pulled their kids out of class. Superintendent Dag Azam, said there was never a real threat.

"I mean as a parent, I was very scared, whether or not it was true stuff like you just don't know, just a day or two ago you heard about the shooting at the mall," said Fonda Bruton.