FutureGen Project

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"The good news is we're ticking down the minutes in finding out about getting FutureGen," Stephanie Sparkman, spokesperson for FutureGen Alliance, said.

In less than two weeks, Texas and Illinois will learn the results of years of hard work.  Who will be the home of the world's first near zero-emissions power plant?  And the lone star state's largest power producer is joining in the Future Gen Alliance efforts.

"Just the fact the Luminant is willing to put up the enormous amount of money it takes to put up the FutureGen Alliance says a lot about the company and Texas," Sparkman said.

The potential home to the plant have cut down to four sites, right here in Odessa, near Penwell, Jewett, Texas and two others in Illinois.  Spokesperson for the Future Gen Alliance Stephanie Sparkman.

"If they stick with what they want, then there's no question we're going to get it," Sparkman said.

Sparkman says our competing sites have their strengths.

"Illinois has coal, and we don't," Sparkman added.

But she goes on to say it doesn't matter.

"Because you're going to use all these different types of coal regardless of where the facility goes," Sparkman said.

Sparkman who has helped pushed for this project for over three years and believes West Texas has several advantages.

"What we have to offer over Illinois is not just the market for CO2, and not just the international airport which none of the other sites have, but we can offer the FutureGen Aliance the least risk for the most reward," Sparkman said.

An announcement on the location of the site is expected on December 17th.