Jesse Gore will be running for the Dist. 81 State Representative Seat in 2008

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A local Republican announced his plan on Thursday to try to put the public back into Republican.

Odessa native Jesse Gore made it official on Thursday.

He will be running for the District 81 State Represenative Seat in  2008.

Gore says he is seeing a decline in our Nation, and he wants to help stop the erosion of parental and first ammendment rights in the U.S.

"Just last week, a Northern state School District was attempting to allow 12 and 13 year old girls to receive oral contraception without permission of their parents. So that is the erosion of the parental rights that I see.  And of course, our religious right so we see every best interest of Christianity being taken away and things that are so important.  Elective courses, such as our Bible curriculum here locally being attacked," Gore said.

The seat is currently held by Buddy West of Odessa who is running for his 9th term.

Former Judge Tryon Lewis is also vying for the seat.