Big Spring Salvation Army Needs Your Help

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

The countdown is on for Christmas, but for some kids in Big Spring, there may not be a lot of presents under the tree. The Big Spring Salvation Army needs some major help. They're way behind on toy donations for their Angel Tree project.

"While a lot of children have been adopted, or their cards have been removed from the Christmas trees, their stuff has not come in yet," said Captain Linda Keeney.

It's a big concern for members of the Salvation Army in Big Spring. The last day to turn in cards for their Angel Tree Project is December 15th.  But Captain Keeney said fewer toys have been turned in this year compared to years past.

"This year the first round of angels that we put out on the trees, they seemed to move pretty quickly, but the second round that we've put out - our trees are still full," said Keeney.

A problem, Keeney said, because the Salvation Army is collecting Christmas gifts for 501 children and 89 seniors. Trees are set up all over including Wal-Mart, Bealls, and at the Scenic Mountain Medical Center. Members of the Salvation Army hope more Big Spring residents will give to those less fortunate.

"I try to think of it from a parent's perspective, and so as a parent you want your children to have the joy and to know the special part of the season. So we through the Salvation Army we try to keep that alive for the children," explained Keeney.

And buying a gift for a child for the Salvation Army is as easy as picking out a card, picking out the gift on the card, buying the gift, and dropping the gift off at the Salvation Army.

"Because when you think about just a few toys, how much it can change a child's life," said Keeney. "Because how said would it be to wake up Christmas morning, and there be nothing."

Members of the Salvation Army said they're confident folks in Big Spring will step up to help before December 15


. They said even if you don't have the time or the ability to shop for another person, they said they will gladly take monetary donations to help in the project. They added, they'll keep their doors open from 10 to 4 Saturday the 15


, to give people more time to donate.