Reporter from Illinois checking out the competition for the FutureGen Project

Staff Report
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Checking out the competition for FutureGen.

That's what a reporter from Chicago was doing in West Texas on Wednesday.

A reporter from the Chicago Tribune came down to get a look at West Texas has to offer for the near zero emissions power plant, so he could go back and help Illinois promote their two towns trying to land to the project, but despite the arrival of the competing state's scout, local supporters aren't worried.

"We're very strong about the fact that FutureGen is going to come to Odessa, Texas, and in face we know that's going to happen, and what we've heard today has not changed our opinion whatsoever.  The gentlemen from Illinois pointed out their strengths and the shortcomings and I think when you put the whole package together, Odessa stands shoulders above all of them," Mayor Larry Melton said.

The announcement for the FutureGen site location will be made December 17th.