Nine dead after gunman opens fire in Omaha mall

by Chris Clackum
NBC News

At least nine are dead following a shooting in an Omaha shopping mall.

Holiday shoppers inside the Westroads Mall were sent scattering when shoots rang out Wednesday afternoon.

Police later said the gunman was among the dead, killed by a self-inflicted shot.

When police arrived at the mall they weren't sure who was or wasn't connected to the shooting.

All were treated as suspects before investigators quickly determined that only one person was responsible for the shooting.

"We didn't think he was there to shoot anybody. He just for some reason, started shooting," witness Chuck Wright said.

Witnesses said they heard five or six shots and then another dozen or so before it was over.

"I heard bang, bang, bang again. I probably heard 12 to 15 shots," Wright added.

Mall employees and shoppers said they hunkered down for safety before police moved in and yelled to get out.

The injured were carried out on stretchers to awaiting ambulances while officers begin to piece together what happened and why.