What is Cyber Bullying?

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Cyber Bullying is simply bullying over the World Wide Web.  The problem exists everyday and big enough to produce these public service announcements.

Psychology Professor David Edens from Midland College says Cyber Bullying could sound too PC.

"It sounds too high tech," David Edens, a psychology professor at Midland College, said.

Yet it's nothing new.

"We just did it low tech back in my days with a spiral notebook," Edens said.

The bullying has taken on a new arena through the internet, emails, popular sites like MySpace and cell phones.

"Using technology to do what we've always done, going behind someone else and making fun of them, calling them names, using that type of social comparison to show that we're not as good as they are," Edens said.

The threats, insulting remarks and harassment, the solution comes from home.

"The way to do that is for them to start early on establishing a line of communication with that child, giving them a place to say what's happening on the inside, children need to look for acceptance and if a parent can't give that, then they'll look for it outside," Edens said.

But to become bigger than your bully.

"The solution, don't do it, if somebody does it to you, don't pay attention to them," Edens said.

And delete the problem.