Suicide Calls On The Rise

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

And that holiday stress could turn into something a lot more serious.  NewsWest 9 spoke with counselors at The Crisis Center, and they say they don't know exactly how many calls they get on suicides, but they know during the holiday season is when they get the most calls.

"The suicide calls have been frequent in the area lately," Valerie Reyna, a counselor at The Crisis Center, said.

A rise in suicide calls stemming from stress around this season.

"There's Thanksgiving, there's Christmas, and a lot of financial stress with that," Reyna said.

Money is one contributing factor to the stress according to counselors at The Crisis Center and family is another.

"They're with family or without family that they haven't seen in a long time, or they're dealing with issues things resurfaced," Reyna said.

Experts say most of these cases are people in their early or late 20s.

"When you're young and inexperienced and don't have the support you need it's hard to hit those issues face on if you don't have the family support or friend support or you don't want to disclose what's wrong with you then it's hard for the individuals to cope with this time," Reyna said.

And this issue is more frequently seen in men.

"A lot of it is the social pressure to keep those things in, and not talk to any body," Reyna said.

All they need is a listening ear.

"It's hard to overcome that if you don't have support or if you don't have the right people there for you to tell them you're there to talk to," Reyna said.