Grand Jury clears officers involved in the shooting death of Chad Sanchez

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A grand jury on Wednesday declared that Sgt. Michael Hedrick and Detective Matt Fraley took the right action against 20 year old Chad Sanchez, when they fired their guns at him.

You'll recall, the officers were investigating the murders of two elderly men at a home on Madison, and Sanchez was declared the suspect.

When the officers finally caught up with Sanchez, they claimed he acted as if he was going to pull out a weapon, and that's when they fired.

The Midland Police Department had already cleared the officers, but Wednesday's grand jury decision was in response to the Texas Rangers' investigation.

Newswest 9 spoke with District Attorney Teresa Clingman who wasn't completely surprised by the jury's decision.

"Based on the investigation as it was presented, no I was not surprised by their findings.  What made Mr. Sanchez take the actions that he did toward the officers in making it appear he had a weapon up under his t-shirt and sticking his arms and hands forward in that way, we'll never know.  It's inexplicable, but certainly they perceived it as thinking he had a gun, even though he did not," Clingman said.

LULAC officials expressed outrage over the incident, and scheduled several meetings with the Police Department and the Justice Department.

NewsWest 9 put in a call to LULAC officials on Wednesday, and so far, we have not heard back from them.