Holiday Cents at the Salvation Army

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

The preparations were in full swing Wednesday at the Salvation Army in Odessa. Employees from TXU Energy were promoting their "Holiday Cents" program. And it starts with decorating in an energy conservative way.

"We're using led lights, as opposed to the traditional energy-guzzling lights. And we're also using wreaths, garlands, things that are pre-lit with led lights or maybe they're not pre-lit, they're non-electricity consuming," said Lacy Walker, with TXU Energy.

In addition to the decorations, TXU is donating money to the Salvation Army so folks who stay in the shelter will have a nice place to stay. And those in charge at the Salvation Army said they hope their residents will not only enjoy the atmosphere, but will learn a little bit about saving money too.

"We hope to transition the people here into homes and places, apartments, and things like that back into the community, and I think by educating even the residents here, on how to save money on their electric bills that what it will do, it will help stretch their dollars further as we transition them into more permanent housing," explained Sergeant Jay Ward, with the Salvation Army in Odessa.

But TXU employees said residents at the Salvation Army aren't the only ones who need to worry about the bill around December.

"One thing that's obvious is during the winter holiday season bills tend to increase and according to the Department of Energy they increase about 50 dollars," Walker said.

So, TXU has a few tips to help save you money. Don't leave your door open for extended periods if it's cold outside, use ceiling fans, and make sure you keep a close eye on your thermostats.

But the other thing you want to make sure you do is change out your air filter. Filters need to be changed out every 90 days, but here in West Texas, it's recommended you that change it out at least once a month.

And for those with TXU, finding ways to conserve energy is a "centsible" thing to do.