Holiday Decoration Hazards

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Tis the season to stay safe and fire officials say what you have sitting at home could be a holiday hazard.

"If you decide to use a tree, real tree, cut tree, that it's still very moist that the needles are dry and brittle and already falling off, if those X'mas tree catch on fire, it will burn very quickly in a matter of seconds," Detra White, Odessa Fire Marshal, said.

"Be careful with candles, it should never be left unattended, make sure they're far away from X'mas tree and combustible items," White said.

Odessa Fire Marshal Detra White says to keep a close eye, use common sense.

"Make sure your lights are in good working order that your wires aren't cut," White added.

And White says it's better to be safe than sorry.

"Make sure you have working smoke detectors at home that is a must, even this time of they year, even more so, because you're adding extra risk in your home by having extra lights, extra decorations, and more people in your homes," White added.