Cleaning Up Ft. Stockton After Snowfall

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Now that all the snow is melting, clean up crews are busy picking up a big mess.

"I grew up here, and this is the most I've remembered," Ruben Falcon, Mayor of Fort Stockton, said.

Old man winter hit Fort Stockton hard with 8 inches of snow over the weekend.

"It's still out here, it's Tuesday, and it's everywhere," Falcon said.

All this mess now a common sight around the city.  Tree limbs scattered across the lawn in nearly every neighborhood in Fort Stockton, the heavy snow making short work of the branches and limbs.

"The damage from the tree limbs is evident everywhere you go that fell down," Falcon pointed out.

Now that Winter Wonderland is melting away, county and city work crews are out in full force, cleaning up outside the courthouse and picking up the pieces.  Many of those pieces left dangling around town.

"It's the most I've seen out there," Falcon said.

Meanwhile, they're putting the past cold snap behind them, and getting ready for whatever weather comes their way next.

"Other than that, we're getting back to norma,l and we'll start cleaning up," Falcon said.

Mayor Falcon is asking residents to take out broken tree limbs out to the curb, and the city will take care of the problem for you at no cost.