Snow Effect in Big Spring

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Just over the weekend, Big Spring got 8 inches of snow.  It's something they haven't seen in years and while all the white stuff may look nice, it's a concern for some people.

Snow settled over Big Spring like a blanket, beyond the beauty after the snow melts fuel for fires.

"Even with this moisture, we're still in a fire danger," Chief Tommy Sullivan with the Howard County Volunteer Fire Department said.

Even after a snowfall like this, Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief Tommy Sullivan says the risks are much greater.

"It's going to soak into the ground, but we've had the freeze where all the vegetation and grass is going to be dead the tress would be alive, but the fire danger is still there," Sullivan said.

And that's not the only concern around town.  A streaming problem saturates the streets.

"It's just another water runoff, like we did rain at night, if that freezes and stuff, we'll have black ice," Sullivan adds.

But the slush is slowly melting onto the streets, and that could create a slippery situation for drivers, if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate.

"It's not supposed to get that cold tonight or the rest of the week, so we're fortunate that way," Sullivan said.