Warren Jeffs' attorney wants Arizona trial to begin

Staff Report

The Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) - A lawyer for polygamous-sect leader Warren Jeffs wants to get his client in Arizona as soon as possible to get the fair trial he says Jeffs didn't get in Utah.

Tucson attorney Mike Piccarreta says once a St. George judge refused to grant a change of venue, Jeffs' fate was sealed.

He feels Jeffs would've gotten a more favorable result if he'd been tried in a metro area.

Jeffs was sentenced last week to two consecutive terms of five years to life prison for rape as an accomplice -- charges stemming from a marriage arranged for a 14-year-old follower and her 19-year-old cousin.

Jeffs faces four felony charges in Kingman in a case involving marriages between two teenage girls and older men. But Piccarreta says he'll likely request that the trial be moved, saying Kingman's too close to St. George.