Mojo Fever Helps Fend Off the Cold

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Pride wasn't the only thing keeping Permian fans warm on Saturday, it wouldn't be West Texas football without a little grill action.

"We've got ribs, we've got German Sausage. We got brauts. We've got hot dogs," said Curtis Couch, a dad of a former Permian player who braved near freezing temperatures to tailgate at Saturday's game.

"It's not cold. It's Permian football weather," said Couch.

"Oh yea, Mojo Weather," Tuffy Zellars, who brought hot chocolate to stay warm, "They look like the 80's Mojo, now we finally got them back where they should be."

On Saturday, fans stuck with the essentials black jackets, jump suits, and winter Mojo gear. A packed Ratliff stadium went crazy for Mojo when the six time state champs took the field.

"It's great to cheer them on, and freeze my butt off, and get to watch them win," said Spencer Self, a senior at Permian.

Now with the latest win fans might be thinking there's a fire under the Panther's tail.