Black Friday Shopping

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

The wintry weather didn't stop thousands of shoppers from getting an early start on their holiday shopping this Black Friday. 

Despite the below freezing weather, these people were determined to cross the finish line in this obstacle.  The goal, "We're just trying to get the good prices," Ramon Aranda, an early shopper, said

And the race getting their hands on the Best Buys in Best Buy.

"I wanted a laptop, but they ran out, that's why I was here so early, it went out pretty quick," Aranda said.

The laptops sold out in a matter of minutes but that didn't disappoint dads like Ramon Aranda too much.

"I hope my kids ain't watching but a little electronic stuff, tv, little Playstation things like that.

Stacked high are the ever popular game systems from Nintendos to Playstation.

"We got XBox 360, Guitar Hero," Sarah Baza, who camped out in front of Best Buy since Thursday afternoon, said.

Christian and Sarah also got their share of shopping done. After camping out and surviving the sleet and snow since yesterday afternoon.

"We fell asleep, and we woke up in our tent we had no body heat left," Baza said.

With temperatures well into the 20's overnight, this couple and their family struggled to stay warm any way they could.

"We had a little fire out for a while just a little propane tank setup, and hanging around it putting our hands close to it, everyone once in a while we'd trade shifts to go into the car," Christian Fierro, another early shopper, said.

It's the first time they've braced for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but will they be back for another run?

"Nooo! It was cold, insanely cold," Baza and Fierro said.