Retail stores prepare for Black Friday

by Brian Mooar
NBC News

Retailers are hoping to turn their biggest profit of the year Friday and shoppers are hoping to walk away with outrageous bargains.

The lines will begin forming before dawn and you can expect plenty of competition.

Black Friday has turned into a cat and mouse game between retailers and customers, but it's not always easy to tell who's the hunter and who's the hunted.

To help prepare for the mad rush, a Best Buy Store in New Jersey did a dry run.

Store employees lined up outside the building, and made the mad dash once the doors were opened.
"So we gotta make sure it's very smooth for them, and fast and they have a good time in our store," said the manager of the store.

Like Best Buy, retailers all over the country are wooing customers to wake up and line up earlier than ever to chase a bargain.

Ellen Davis of the national retail federation said, "This is the time of year when retailers are willing to take items at a loss, or not make a lot of money in the hopes that people will buy and return throughout the holiday season."

Some holiday circulars have been leaked over the web and many stores are just going with the flow and alerting early bird customers online.

But black Friday prices aren't always the best according to Mike Bell at

"We've been seeing great deals for weeks going into fourth quarter, and we expect to see that all the way through to the end of the shopping season."

Still devoted deal hunters are ready to roll.

"If you come early, you get it. If I come late, I won't get it, and I won't get that discount," said one shopper.

Of course some don't get it at all.

Shopper Carmen Fuenteshopper said, "To shop at four a.m., no never in my life."

But retailers are counting on those willing to shop 'til they drop for the ultimate big deal.

And if you get left in the dust on black Friday, don't forget that Monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year.