Snowy Conditions for Drivers

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

The steady snow around the basin didn't keep drivers off the road and that kept police and first responders hopping for most of the day.

"Look at all the crazy people, there's a lot of accidents and stuff, but keep safe people," one Midland woman, said.

Keeping safe is a message that couldn't be stressed enough.  As the snow blanketed the Basin, slush covered streets made for slick driving conditions.

"You gotta be careful you know pass somebody that already got into an accident and hit a pole so be careful out there," another man said.

Earlier on Thursday, a driver lost control and hit a pole, just one of many accidents Midland Police have responded to since the wintry weather weigh in, from rain, sleet to snow.

"We're watching their speed, they need to keep the speed down stopping is a problem in this kind of conditions," Officer Tye Box, with Midland Police Department, said.

Although these conditions are keeping officers extra busy, it's bringing smiles to some faces in the Tall City.

"It's very good, I'm glad it's snowing for thanksgiving, it usually don't happen," one woman said.  "Actually I think it's great, this is my favorite time of weather and seeing that we're in Texas we don't get this much often," another Midland man said.

For others, "It's like my first time in the snow, I'm from Houston so we don't get snow out here like this so it's pretty nice," one man said.

While all the white stuff is nice to look at, the overpasses and bridges could real problem areas once it freezes, so if you have to be on the road, please be careful.