The Flip Side of the Boom

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9 
MIDLAND- The cost of rent is driving some families straight on to the streets, and it's happening more often than your think.

"There are more people in need of help than money to give," said Mary Hardin, executive director of Helping Hands in Midland.

Hardin says she takes calls everyday from families who either need help with their rent or who already have been evicted. She also works closely with Project Head Start, through Midland Independent School District who deal with several families who are living out of their cars, but don't want to ask for help, because they are afraid of losing their children.

"It's not a family or two it is a big big problem right now," said Hardin.

She says it's the flip side of the boom, that the cost of affordable housing has gone up so by so much, and so quickly that some can't keep up.

"Those of us that have are doing quite well, the have nots are falling by the wayside and that gap is widening," she said, "Probably 80 percent of the calls we get on our help line are for rental assistance. We're also finding more and more people are getting evicted.  They just can not afford the rent anymore."