String of Shootings in Big Spring

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Big Spring Police investigators say enough is enough, they've seen too many shootings in the last few weeks and tonight they need your help in catching these bad guys.

"I'm a little concerned that somebody's going to get hurt." Sgt. Tony Everett, Public Information Officer with Big Spring Police, said.

Seriously hurt or killed is Big Spring Police fear the next time another shooting happens.

Eight shootings in the last three weeks and investigators are struggling to find the people or person pulling the trigger.  The latest shooting happened on Monday.

"The most recent ones just vehicles struck and shooting in the air, no persons have been hit," Everett said.

Take a look at these neighborhoods where the drive bys happened.  Earlier this month, three Big Spring men were injured in a separate scenario.  Investigators say they believe each of these cases could be connected or gang related.

"But nothing concrete because we don't have witnesses who are willing to give us any information, and no one wants to talk," Everett said.

Big Spring Police's Sgt. Tony Everett says they're running on little or no leads and information is what they need.

"Witnesses are scarce either out of fear, retribution or just don't want to cooperate," Everett said.

For now, while police work over time to crack this case.  They're stepping up patrols, hoping they catch their criminal before someone gets badly hurt or killed.

"We've been lucky that we've had some injuries but nothing life threatening," Everett said.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 264-TIPS or police.