The Thanksgiving Traveling Has Begun

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Whether you're planning on driving for the Thanksgiving holiday, or flying the traveling has already begun. At Midland International Airport Tuesday, it included passengers heading out and passengers just arriving from all over.

"This is something new, the traditional Thanksgiving is usually in Arkansas," said one traveler.

"Well, I'm not from here, I was born here, I haven't been here in about eight years, at least eight years, so it's kind of a reunion," said Nikki Bearden, another holiday traveler.

However, for many travelers, like Mary Lee Pass and her family, flying into Midland International Airport has become a regular event.

"We have the last three Thanksgivings, ever since we've been married, so I think this is our fourth," said Pass.

And she said she's glad to come in a day early, before most of the Thanksgiving rush.

"Today wasn't bad, I think if you leave tomorrow its bad, but out of Love Field it wasn't bad at all," explained Pass.

If you are planning on flying in the next couple of days, travel agents said get ready.

"Be prepared for long waits, get there early, earlier than normal, probably an hour and a half to two hours at airports as opposed to the normal one hour," said C.W. Porter, the manager at Amera Travel in Midland.

In addition, travel agents told NewsWest 9 another good idea if you're flying with your family, especially if it's out of state, is to cross-pack. That way, if somehow your luggage does get lost, you'll be ready.