Michael Vick surrenders to federal authorities to begin serving jail time

by Jay Gray
NBC News

There has been a dramatic change in Michael Vick's legal playbook.

The former NFL All-Pro opted for a quarterback "sneak" by walking into a jail several weeks earlier than expected on Monday.

Vick pleaded guilty to a federal dog fighting charge in August.
He apparently voluntarily surrendered to authorities with the idea that his time in jail now will count toward whatever sentence he receives, and potentially get him out of federal prison a bit earlier.

Vick ran an illegal dog fighting kennel from his Virginia estate, an operation that included killing non-performing animals and gambling.

Recently a judge ordered the former NFL superstar be confined to his home after he failed a court-ordered drug test.

Late Monday afternoon Vick's attorney, Billy Martin, released a brief statement.

It included this explanation:

"From the beginning Mr. Vick has accepted responsibility for his actions and his self-surrender further demonstrates that acceptance."

Vick's decision to spend the next few weeks in jail should not have any bearing on his overall sentence.

The hearing to announce that decision is still scheduled for December 10.

The maximum sentence Vick faces is 5 years in federal prison.