Student Reaction at Midland Lee

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Out of respect for the students involved and their families, students say they were asked not to talk about the incident in class, but it's a tragedy they say everyone is bringing up outside the classrooms.

"When I first heard about it that he knocked out the guy, well I thought it's just a typical fight," Jonathan Foster, a Midland Lee High student, said.

What Jonathon Foster thought was a typical fight turned into a tragedy.  Students tell NewsWest Nine their best friend who allegedly threw the punch was acting in self defense.

"He got pushed, then everybody's like watch this, I'm about to clown on this dude, then he's like what, trying to be cool with him, he thought he was being disrespectful so he pushed him, and he fell on his head and my friend got up, went and hit him just once and that dude went down," Jon Lowe, a friend said.

Friends say the pushing and punching turned into a fight that had gone too far.

"It was during 6th period, I remember hearing the sirens, and we just thought it was ambulance just going by, I had no idea someone got killed," Foster said.

Several high school juniors say they didn't know Devon Ewing, the other student involved in the incident since he transferred from Midland High School.  On Monday Night, classmates are not only mourning the loss of a student, but are concerned about the fate of another, whose fate is in the hands of investigators.

"I can't believe what happened especially to my good friend, I can't believe what he's going through right now, I don't know what he's living with or what he's dealing with right now.  I can't even understand," Foster said.

The school district says extra counselors will be at both Midland Lee and Midland High to help students cope with this incident.