Web cams at doggie daycare let pet owners peep on pooches

by Lori Delgado

A Pennsylvania doggie daycare is giving its human clients comfort through the world wide web.

Creature Canine Comforts offers 15-thousand square feet of romp room, and two web cameras placed high above the action.

Anyone can log in and check out what's happening with their dogs.

"People are worried about them when they drop them off some place for the day so it gives them some peace of mind when they are away, and they want to check on their dogs," explained owner Amy Parsons.

Dog owners aren't the only ones taking a peek at the pups.

"We have some people who don't even have dogs here, and they get on our webcams and watch it, because they say it's like watching a fish tank.  It helps them relax," said Parsons.

Client and dog owner Dani Posner said she and other dog owners will often text and email each other about what they see.

"Occasionally someone will call me and tell me that their dog was playing with my dog or what my dog was doing whether it be good or bad."

The camera doesn't work during night time boarding and daily viewing is limited, but for some, the candid camera is irresistible.