Historic Florida hotel to Sinatra and others now history

by Roxanne Vargas

In the 1950s, the Bal Harbour Sheraton south of Miami was considered America's Riviera, a playground for the rich, famous and privileged.

On Sunday, that era came crumbling down in a spectacular implosion.

The hotel, which served guests like John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Ed Sullivan, is no more.

In a matter of seconds, and with a few loud booms, the 650-room hotel was on the ground, sending a ball of dust over South Florida.

Some had fought to have the hotel named a historic landmark.

It was designed by Morris Lapidus, a famous architect who dubbed his creation "Americana."

But through the years and the many renovations, there was little left of the hotel's original grandeur.

The hotel came down to make way for luxury condominiums and another high-end hotel.