High Tech camera waits for smile before snapping picture

by Bob Hansen

Cameras do just about everything these days.
They focus, they get the light just right, and now they even make sure the people on the digital screen are smiling.
The new Sony Cyber-Shot T-70 has a unique feature.

It actually waits to take the picture until you smile.

Over the last year several digital cameras offered face recognition software that follows the subject in the frame and keeps them will lit and in focus.

Now that feature has been tweaked to find big smiles.

"So they're taking face recognition one step beyond where they're not just focusing on faces, they're focusing on people that are actually smiling in the photo too," explained Best Buy's Jenine Bryant.

The camera does have some trouble recognizing grins if there are no teeth showing.

Also, sunglasses got in the way, or if hats were too far forward.

In those cases the camera wouldn't click.

Other than that, it seemed to work just fine.

You don't have to be limited.

The Sony smile shutter mode is an option that can easily be shut off.