Tennessee middle school student tries to poison teacher

by Jason Miles
WMC News

Students who attend Mt. Pisgah Middle School, in Cornova, Tennessee and their parents were stunned Saturday by the news a student allegedly tried to poison his teacher Friday.

Shelby County School Board spokesperson Mike Tebbe said the 10-year-old student walked to the teacher's desk, and poured a cleaning liquid into her coffee cup.

A PTA parent who's child was in the same class at the time said the liquid was dry-erase board cleaner.

The cleaner's main ingredients include ethanol and alcohol.

The student admitted what he did after another student told the teacher what he had done.

Parents said the student was likely old enough to know exactly how sick the teacher could have become.

"It was absolutely thought about, pre-calculated," said parent Marcus Vaughn. "He had to realize what he was doing."

The student was taken from the school and charged with reckless endangerment. He also faces a long suspension.

"It puts the responsibility back on the parents," Vaughn said.  "Now, they're going to have to do something to make sure this child don't keep going on a negative path."

School officials said they did not know of any past problems between this student and his teacher.

They commended the other student who was willing to approach the teacher about what had happened.