Turkey Dinners For Families in Need

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND- Helping Hands in Midland prepared 350 boxes of food for families in need, this Thanksgiving. They teamed up with several religious organization including the Knights of the Columbus from Saint Stephen's Catholic Church, volunteers from Greenwood Baptist, and the Greenwood Student Council.

"It's always great that we can help all these people that don't get a Thanksgiving," said Jacob Nicholas, a volunteer from the Greenwood Baptist Church, "It's a lot of fun when you give, and you see their children, all happy and saying oh we didn't get this last year."

Volunteers cashed in a weekend to prepare everything, for the teens who lined up to help it was a lesson in life and gratitude.

"It wouldn't be Thanksgiving, without giving because you don't really get to see what all your thankful for unless you don't get to see other people that don't get to have it all," said Elizabeth Hill, a volunteer with Greenwood Baptist, "We all get Thanksgiving dinner, and we expect it, there are some families that may not have it every year."

The boxes contained sugar, flour, beans, pumpkin pie ingredients, and everything including a turkey, families would need.

"I am blessed, I get all Thanksgiving and Christmas and a lot of these kids and adults they don't get a Thanksgiving. So I decided I would help and give them a Thanksgiving dinner," said Nicholas.