City of Midland and Odessa team up to clean up

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Reduce, reuse, recycle, it's a message you may have heard before but on Saturday, the message has a special meaning.

That's because Saturday was "Texas Recycles Day."

Citizens in both Midland and Odessa on Saturday could drop off all of that plastic, paper, aluminium cans, and other recycable materials.

A number of sponsors including Keep Midland Beautiful and Keep Odessa Beautiful teamed up to let West Texans know about Saturday's recycling, and members of Keep Odessa Beautiful tell us another reason they think a lot more people drop off their recycling on saturday.

"Without having a place for people can bring the items to get rid of them without charge.  That's what gets alot of people.  We don't charge anybody to take the trash away today.  We just take it, and there's no charge," Lennerd Byrd with Keep Odessa Beautiful, said.

Folks with both the City of Midland and the City of Odessa say Saturday's event is all about promoting public awareness of the benefits of reducing waste through recycling.