Barry Bonds indicted on charges stemming from alleged steroid use

by Jinah Kim
NBC News

Even as Barry Bonds was shattering home run records, a grand jury in San Francisco was quietly investigating allegations that the Giants star lied about taking performance-enhancing drugs.

And now, that investigation has ended with an indictment charging bonds with four counts of perjury including lying to the grand jury about steroid use, and one count of obstruction of justice.

Charges that could get Bonds 30-years in prison.

During an interview November 1st, Barry Bonds said, "I have nothing to hide, and I've said that before, and I will say it now."

Bonds has repeatedly denied using steroids, but the allegation hung over him like a cloud.

When asked, during that same November 1st interview, what he would say to those who believe he unfairly obtained this record through the use of performance enhancing drugs, Bonds said, "that's not true, and it's not right, and it's not fair to me."

Bond's attorney says he's looking forward to their day in court, making this jab against the secretive grand jury, saying, "now, the public will get the whole truth, not just selectively leaked fabrications from anonymous sources."

Even as Bonds was being charged, his long-time trainer, Greg Anderson, was being released from jail nearly a year after going in for refusing to testify against his client.

Whether Bonds will also see the inside of a jail cell is now one step closer to becoming reality.

The San Francisco Giants called this a "very sad day," saying, "these are serious charges, and we look forward to this matter being resolved in a court of law."