Texas man invents bullet-proof backpack inserts for children

by Carla Castano

An Austin, Texas man has launched a new product that he claims will help protect children during school shootings.

They are called "Back Pack Shields".

He came up with the design while his business was testing igniters on missiles for the U.S. Air Force.

"While we were working with them I noticed they were lining shielding the bottoms of their Apache helicopters with kevlar shortly after that there was the Virginia Tech tragedy," explained Kerry Clark.

It's a Kevlar insert for backpacks.

"The backpack shield sticks in with Velcro, sticks to the back, it is very thin weighs less than a text book."

The shields can withstand being shot by a 40 caliber hand gun.

Clark's test shield has been shot nearly 20 times from about five meters away, and still works.

So far Clark has spent about $20,000 dollars developing the product.

He says the invention is meant to give parents a little piece of mind and give kids something they could hide behind in the unlikely event a shooting happens at their school.

Clark says the back pack shield inserts have $125 worth of Kevlar in them.

He is charging $195 dollars for each insert.