Red light camera captures horrific Ohio traffic accident

by Sona Wasu

It is about 4:15 in the morning. The streets are wet.

That traffic light at the intersection of Spring and North is clearly red.

Now here's a closer look.

Police say the light was red for a good 26-and-a-half seconds.

Josh Carmin's car flies through the red light, a last minute slam of the brakes and swerve, but it's too late.

The semi drags his car for a good 170-feet.

The victim survived and was rushed by careflight to Miami Valley hospital in critical condition.

Police tell us the red light cameras are a big help.

Pictures don't lie.

Cops can see exactly what happened here.

Also they tell us less people are now running red lights.

Last year they were handing out about 1900 citations a month.

Now that number has dropped to about 1600.

Sgt. Brian Radanovic of the Sprintfield Police Department says, "It means a lot less chance of people running red lights and being involved in serious accidents."

Here's another sobering statistic: the red light cameras have helped Springfield raise more than $1 million in 16 months.

Just goes to show you how many people are still running red lights every day in Springfield.