E.C.I.S.D. School Board evaluating their options on hiring a new Superintendent

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

It has been several months since the district bought out former Superintendent Wendell Sollis' contract for about 150 thousand dollars, and it appears it's going to be many more months before E.C.I.S.D. Board members decide on who's going to replace Sollis.

At Tuesday night's regular meeting, trustees discussed a number of options like, what's the timeline?  What is a good job description?  Do we want to hire a consulting firm, and should we hire someone from within the district, or go outside to find a suitable candidate?

Board President Carol Gregg says she likes the job Interim Superintendent Hector Mendez is doing, and may possibly favor him if he decides to apply for the job.

Another board member wanted to get feedback from the community.

The bottom line is they're waiting until January to get serious about their options.

"We're going to have a workshop in January, and attempt to bring in a trainer to try to go through the process for us, help us develop a picture of the type of Superintendent we want.  I'm delighted with Hector's (Mendez) leadership.  I think he's doing an excellent job.  I don't really want to disrupt things this school year.  I want to take our time and do an extensive development of what we're looking for.  We may find out what we're looking for is right here, we may not, I don't know," Board President Carol Gregg said.

On another matter, Faye Batch took the Oath of Office during a special ceremony.

She's filling the unexpired term of Renda Berryhill who vacated the seat.

Several candidates seats, also are up for grabs in May.

And that was another important fact about the May election, and having an entire board in place when it comes time to welcome a new Superintendent, whoever that may be.