Proposed Increase For Costs at UTPB

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Tuition may soon be on the rise at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. But it's not the only increase students may see.

There are two possible increases for students, one in tuition, and one in student fees. And while students don't have a say on tuition increases, Tuesday they voted on whether or not they support increased fee costs.

"What we are doing now is consulting with the university, community, students, faculty, and staff regarding the possibility of tuition and fee increases," Dr. David Watts, the President of UTPB, said.

So which costs did students have a voice in?

A 3 dollar per credit hour increase in student service fees, and a 5 dollar per credit hour increase in athletics.

"Our school really deserves like a good athletic program, and compared to other universities today we are not anywhere near them, and the student here who are in athletics really deserve a fair opportunity to do what they love to do," said Amber Batura, a UTPB student.

"I view it as a good thing, because it promotes the growth of not only the athletic program, but the school as a whole," explained another student, Samuel Baumguardener.

Other students we talked to agreed, saying that with more students coming to UTPB, some costs need to go up.

"If this university is going to attract the kinds of students, and have the kind of growth that we would like to see that they need to have the same kind of programs that other universities have," said student David Weaver.

The increase students don't have a voice in: Tuition. But administrators said the proposed 8 dollar per credit hour increase is not that much compared to other schools.

"UTPB presently is the third least expensive institution in the UT system, and it's our intention to stay there," explained Watts.

The plan for those tuition increases? Increasing salaries for professors.

To make all of this a lot simpler, if all of the fees and tuition increases passes, that means that for a regular full time student, taking 15 hours, cost in the fall will go up around 240 dollars.