Texas Woman finds live grenades in her yard

by Kevin Cokely

A Texas woman who found two live grenades buried in an empty lot near her home in is worried there could be more.

Mary Creecy of Josephine called police after finding the grenades as she was doing yard work on Friday.

When police arrived, they evacuated the neighborhood around the home, and the Plano bomb squad safely detonated the devices.

No one was injured.

On Monday, yellow crime tape remained surrounding the area where the grenades were discovered buried just a few inches below ground.

Police said the grenades were similar to ones from World War II.

Neighbors said the man who used to own the house that once stood on the lot was arrested about five years ago for having explosives.

Federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said they planned to search the property on Tuesday to make sure there were no other explosives.