Indiana store customer helps nab robber during heist

by Steve Jefferson

Three people were able to subdue an armed robbery suspect at an Auto Zone on the Indianapolis' northeast side Sunday.

Scott June, an Auto Zone worker who is missing part of an arm and uses a hook prosthesis, helped get the robber under control.

Security video shows an Auto Zone employee along with a co-worker and customer fighting off an armed robber at the store.

The video starts with Michael Jones inside Auto Zone pretending to shop for brakes.

"Jones has now got a handgun out, and is telling him this is a robbery," said Sgt. Matthew Mount of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

But suddenly Auto Zone employee Carl Williams decided to put the brakes on the robbery.

The other Auto Zone worker in the video, Scott June, is physically challenged, having lost a hand in an accident.

"The hook appendage, apparently during the struggle, the suspect was actually scratched a couple of times, but nothing serious," said Sgt. Mount.

A customer comes from the back of the store and witnesses the struggle at the front door and then spots a window of opportunity.

"He grabs a hold of the gun, puts it on the counter. Meanwhile Mr. Williams wrestled Jones to the ground and holds him there until the police get there," said Sgt. Mount.

It's not clear if the customer knew that the gun had no bullets.

But police fear if it had things would have played out differently.

"Had there been bullets it could have been extremely different, and we could have been talking about somebody getting killed," said Mount.

Metro police arrested Jones on one count of felony robbery.

This is not his first time in trouble.

"He is also a convicted felon with a handgun so he's also looking at additional charges," said Sgt. Mount.