Cure for MRSA?

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

It's spreading across the country and the Basin.  But could there possibly be a cure for the drug resistant staph infection MRSA?  One Odessa man wants give people who get infected a fighting chance.

"When this deal came up with the staph infection, and I look up the name of the bacteria I said wait a minute our product inhibits that 100%," Ignacio Cisneros, creator of the supplement, said.

That's right, a remedy that could fight off the bacteria leading to an infection.  It's called Alka Vita and the ingredient, Alka Hydroxy is what this creator says is helping with the healing.

"It just has continued to grow in unbelievable application that we never in our wildest dream that this product will do what it's doing," Cisneros said.

Cisneros says months of testing at the Texas Tech University showed the supplement can stop the growth of MRSA and fights five other dangerous bacteria, including E. Coli and Salmonella.  The product is not FDA approved but one local doctor says even with the approval, some medicines on the shelves have been recalled.

"We have experience with medicines that have gone through the whole spectrum, and still there are concerns that show up later," Dr. Richard Bartlett, a family doctor with Permian Prompt Care, said.

But Bartlett adds there could be a cure.

"We do have the tools in treating the wounds, even if it's a MRSA wound," Bartlett said.

Still more research and testing needs to be done or taken to the FDA.

"There's always appropriate channels to go through to make sure it's safe for the public, which is the bottom line," Bartlett said.

Even though this supplement hasn't been approved by FDA, it has been given the green light by the health department in Mexico and it's been used worldwide.  Again, results could be different for each person.