Mapping Out Family Military Service

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS-You've heard of tracking the family tree, but one local Andrews' woman is marking down which branches of the United State Military, members of her family have served.

"I want to be sure that everybody remembers, I want to be sure the family remembers," said Irene Sanchez, who along with her sister started keeping track of her family's long history in the Military.

"I think we can count twelve or thirteen," she said listing the number of family members who went to Vietnam. In World War II, she says five uncles and four other relatives served, one didn't make it back.

"He was killed in the 'Battle of the Bulge,' I've known all my life that he was buried out there, but when I went and actually saw the grave it was the hardest thing for me to leave him there," she said.

Sanchez has become the family's secretary logging which wars and peacetime efforts, they've take part in.

"Where they have been and what they have done," she says it's important to honor them, We're very proud of all the people in the military and we're proud of all of our people in the military."