Celebrating Veterans' Day

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Veterans across the Basin took a bow on Sunday, as students from Midland High paired up with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee to honor the men and women who served the country.

"The freedom, to wake up in the morning, and to dress the way we want to and to say what we want to say," said Ernest Dunson, a member of the ROTC, he says those are the freedoms Veterans have always fought for.

Almost a hundred Veterans and their family members showed up to the Vietnam Memorial near the CAF Museum.

"We guaranteed their freedom, and we did it with the blood of them 225 boys up there, and the 58 thousand people who died in Vietnam and the boys getting killed everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Vietnam Veteran, Bill McNeill.

Miriam De La Sancha, also an ROTC member, wants nothing more than to help the nation when she gets done with College.

"I want to serve my country," she said.

Dunson says he too wants to serve because of a long history in his family.

"To me it's inspiring to actually join the Corps," he said, " I hope to go over there and serve, that's just my dream to help shape this country."

Despite Sunday's showing of support from Teens ready to step into service, McNeil feels most people don't do enough to support Veterans.

"It's just one day out of the year that they could come out and thank the veterans, that gave them what they're living right now, and this country don't appreciate. They don't care," he said.