Toy Recall Shifts Shopping Habits

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

The recall is nothing to cry about, but it is definitely something to be concerned about especially for moms like Crystal and Lydia who are checking their lists twice before buying anything for their children this holiday season.

"I'm very concerned for my children especially when they're only 1 and 2, I think about them all day long at work, I think about them a lot, they're my number one priority in our lives," Crystal Gasser, a concerned mother, said.

"I have a 6 year old daughter, and I don't want to get her something for Christmas, and have to take it back a couple of weeks later to find out that there's been some reason that's recalled," Lydia Cooper, another parent said.

Tis the season for shopping, but with millions of Chinese-made toys recalled this year.  Parents are having a tough time.

"I've actually been looking on the internet, and been going through their toys.  I've been getting rid of a bunch of things and passing them on, so I've been extra careful now, because of the toys I pass on I don't want to pass them on to other family members that could put their children in harm," Gasser said.

While some are surveying toys, others may be ruling them out all together.

"The kid's got enough toys as it is, and she'll just get clothes this year," Cooper said.

Toy industry analysts say with the added number of recalls being announced almost everyday, it won't slow parents down from shopping.

But local moms say,

"What is next?"  Gasser said.

It could add more stress to this holiday season.

"It's scary to know that her toys could harm her in any way," Cooper said.