Homeless Vets

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Every night the Salvation Army serves up a hot meat to some of the Basin's homeless and Salvation Army officials say a third are Veterans.

"Stuff happens. Some of us made a left turn when we should have gone right," said Vietnam Veteran Ray Cross, who lives and works as assistant Lodge manager at the Salvation Army,"I don't feel so much that my country abandoned me, just this is how things ended up for me."

Cross says many homeless vets don't mention their military service and more and more he sees Iraqi veterans.

"Some guys came through their service and never looked back and some guys have lived with it all their lives," He said, "a homeless veteran versus a guy that has made an adjustment and went on with his life, even though they are both veterans maybe even in the same conflict, people look at them differently."

He's worked moving furniture for the last two and half years, and at the Lodge for the last year and half.

"I am not planning on retiring here or dying here," he said, "I just can't ever seem to get enough ahead to get a place you know."