Permian High School Debate Team busted for drinking alcohol during school trip

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A trip to a debate competition in Abilene isn't going to end with any medals for a Permian High School team.

It did end with tickets for about half the team.

It happened Friday afternoon, just outside of Tye, west of Abilene.

According to troopers, they saw an E-C-I-S-D school bus stopped on the access road of I-20, and stopped to make sure everything was okay.

They found several students vomiting on the side of the road.

Students told the troopers it was fumes from the engine that was making them sick.

They found one of the students on the bus, unconscious, and were unable to wake her up, so they called an ambulance.

After questioning the students, we're they admitted to drinking Everclear, which is twice as strong as vodka or rum.

Five of the ten students on the bus got tickets for either minor in possesion or minor consuming alcohol.